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French brand 3pommes is playful and easy to wear for boys and girls from newborn to 12 years old. The brand accompanies kids through all the stages of childhood … all that thanks to its rich history and strong expertise which they have continued for now more than 45 years ago!

Upon the arrival of the Autumn and winter 2019 season, 3pommes reveals its most beautiful creations to face the cold, out to discover a collection between a deluge of colors and a rain of sweetness. For the toddlers as for the kids, the fabrics are delicate and downy to accompany children in their everyday adventures.
This season again, 3pommes takes us away to a playful and creative universe, rich in extraordinary stories.


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France : 17 rue Martel, 75010 Paris

USA : 49 W 45 th Street, 10th floor, New York, NY 10036

Spain : C/Mallorca, 318 4° 2a, 08037 Barcelona

Portugal : Centro Empresarial de Braga, Edifício Z, 6º, 4705-319 Braga

Italy : Via Toscana 2, 41057 Spilamberto

UK : Waterloo, 5th floor, London SE17NN

Belgium : Avenue Kersbeek 306, 1180 Bruxelles