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« Les petits inclassables » is a poetic and tender world with a pinch of mischief, mixing nostalgy of a vintage wardrobe with bohemian with more modern models.

“Inclassable” means that cannot be categorized, because most of our outfits are customizable.

Les petits Inclassables is a brand for babies and children from 3 months to 14 Years whose first goal is to combine beautiful cuts and quality of materials at an affordable price.

This year, the collection is both precious with noble materials like silk organza that we can find on the Charlotte Dress for example and also raw with cotton crepe for misty dresses like the Thelma dress, flagship model of the brand.

Always respecting the identity of the brand, many accessories are joining the new collection like traditional bonnets or bloomers made in cotton lace with “point de croix” pattern for traditional baptism outfits that combine modernity and vintage.

The famous Stella dress is about to decline in 5 different colors like Silver, Night Blue, Gold Pink or Nude.

Finally, the #motheranddaughter trend is not over yet and is growing up even more this year because a new bohemian dress made in cotton crepe and lace is going to come from the 3 months-size to the adult size, a delight for all the mums ! 


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