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Louis Louise is a true crush and a beautiful story : Julie Meiler  created the brand in 2006 with a kids collection, which then expanded into a collection from birth to 12 years old.

It all started with a family affair, with Léo Jue Denis, her brother, as  a manager and Michele Jue Denis, her mum, as a finance manager, not to forget Louise, her daughter, her source of inspiration.
The story continued with an association with Carine Enthoven, a fashion  editor who joined the adventure. Through this professionnal relation that transformed into a friendship  bound, they mixed their expériences to make the brand flourish. Elise Hattab also joined the adventure to handle the communication of the brand until 2016.


New collection

 Louis Louise's collection meets with bohemian vibes this season, with  long ethnic-printed skirts, colorful embroidered dresses and warm colored knitting for a joyful and cosy winter. You will of course find in this retro collection the distinctive Louis  Louise's touches such as glimmering skirts, baby bloomers, flounced dresses and flower prints.
Boys will love our casual look with hooded message sweatshirts,  two-colored jumpers and warm parkas.
Mums are not forgotten with, this season, a capsule collection just for  them.


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