The story

Moon Paris’ story is the story of a passion. Amélie Darras, its creator, has been in love with travelling the world since her chilhood and she keeps doing it with the same fascination.

After twenty-five years as the head of communication and exhibitions at the School of Fine arts in Paris, helping young artists to organize their first show, Amélie decided to express her own creativity by highlighting what she now values more than art itself : handcraft

Therefore, Moon et Miel was born with a main idea : To highlight the specific craftsmanship in each country where the brand is produced.

In India, Nepal, Madagascar,  Morocco, factories and craftsmen produce the pieces with a mastery inherited from their cultures and lifestyles. At the end of 2017, after seven years of existence, Moon et Miel decided to get a new look and, while retaining its DNA, became Moon Paris.



The creator

A mother of four children, two girls and two boys, Amélie Darras has always had a love of collections. And she multiplies them: small stools, brought back from all her travels that tell about the local ways of life. Pots made of aluminum, copper, zinc and tin, in which women harvest, transport, clean, feed, heal. Fabrics of all kinds and materials. So many testimonials of customs and lives around the world. But Amelie's favorite is her collection of children's clothes. Over a hundred ancient pieces, from all over the world, that tell about resources, climate, castes, holidays and daily life.

Amelie has a real passion for color. The colors of each collection are carefully chosen. Everything is about light and shades.


The brand

Moon Paris is a brand of clothes and accessories for little girls and babies. Created in 2010 by Amélie Darras, under the name of Moon et Miel, Moon Paris had a makeover in 2017 by changing its name and developing the House and Accessories lines. In a timeless and comfortable spirit, the collections of Moon Paris are perfumed with an ethnic breath and always inspired by specific local know-how. Amelie has established a lasting partnership with the men and women who work for the brand. She accompanies them year after year in order to perpetuate the links for a mutual development.


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