Petit Bateau, one of France’s favorite brands known for its high-quality cottons, has been dressing young and old alike since 1893. The brand respects each individual and his or her environment. Almost 3000 people around the world work for it today.

Its history – Petit Bateau invented panties and snap-crotch bodysuits – has made it a reference with a transgenerational style that satisfies everyone ranging from babies to adults worldwide. Its soft materials, impeccable cuts and timeless styles result in essential pieces that contrast with the usual seasonal turbulences of fashion trends.

Present in Japan for over thirty years, Petit Bateau has chosen this culture for inspiration this season. The new collection is defined by a link between tradition and modernity, a subtle balance that combines urbanism with nature and energy with serenity.

The season’s colors subtly vibrate together: grays synonymous with softness and elegance, Lake Hokkaido blues for calmness and originality, deep greens as hymns to nature which magnify luminous yellows, the vibrant neon-light reds of Shibuya and soft, comfy rusts from Nezu.

Graphic narrative prints set the rhythm for the season’s landscapes. Buoyed by this balance, the brand breaks its traditional lines by using a modern, dynamic plaid. And Petit Bateau still combines prints in a graphic style to echo the signs of the times.

Accessories are featured with a particular attention to “Let’s play” since they set THE LOOK! Reversible pieces and soft materials are also featured. And don’t worry, Petit Bateau will keep you warm and protect you all winter long under layers of softness! This season the brand associates urbanism and nature, calmness and energy, tradition and modernity or softness and graphic lines so … Let’s Play!


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France : 22 rue Bellan, 75002, Paris