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Co-founders, sisters and inseparable duo, Anaïs and Clémence, were raised in a boisterous Parisian family.  The idea of Petite Lucette was born when Anaïs moved to the United States, and discovered that she could not find the clothing and style that she was looking for to dress her children: elegant and comfortable pieces with attention to detail. Et voila! The sisters started their company in 2013, and found instant success.


Every season, Petite Lucette designs a charming wardrobe ranging in sizes to suit babies through teenagers. Showcasing fresh, chic and whimsical styles, the brand keeps children’s comfort in mind. Each garment is designed for its practicality, effortless comfort and mix-and-match ability, making it easy to stay stylish. All fabrics are carefully selected for their quality, softness and resilience. Sustainability, social responsibility and caring for the planet are very important values to the brand, so all fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, guaranteeing their organic origins, responsible production technique and environmental awareness.


Wintery Paris inspires this season’s color palette: the pale grey of zinc rooftops, anthracite of street asphalt, smoked blue of winter clouds, milky white of foggy mornings on the Seine, yellow ocher of Luxembourg Garden in November, and pink of sunrise light on the stones.

This season, babies are bundled up in delicate cashmere sets and tiny golden stars adorn flannel. Chic plaids and flower prints gently enhance wintery silhouettes. Cozy vests with tassels are associated to romantic dresses showcasing lace and ruffles. Jumpsuits are nonchalantly slipped on for a timeless and elegant Parisian look. Fine corduroy is a winter favorite and crafts shorts, overalls, bloomers and skirts. Delicate and soft knits in wool or mohair warm the family up and complement all looks, for a retro yet chic allure.


This joyful and playful winter collection is an invitation to stroll in Paris crisp air, in comfort and style.


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