Because there is the soul, the body and mind; the height, length and width; man, woman and child; small, medium and large; the young, adults and the aged; morning, afternoon and evening. 
      Because there are the Three Graces, the Three Musketeers, the three primary colors; Huey, Dewey, and Louie, the Three Sisters of Chekhov ... 
     Because we are three girls from the south of France, Julie, Eve and Isis, high in the passion for fashion, in Mazamet city globally recognized until the 80’s for its trade in wool and leather. 
      Because we are three personalities, three worlds, three distinct styles.
      Because we have always been very close and fashion lovers in general, the birth of a child locker room appeared as obvious as a reminiscence of our childhood memories. 
      A sisters story, the story of Troisoeurs was born!

      Troisoeurs, it's like a treasure chest, like a family reunion when one recalls childhood memories through the childish cloakroom. 

      Each goes his touch there: a retro spirit, a pinch of romance and a touch of kitsch. 

      However, more than a story of family, Troiseurs is above all an unconditional love of the garment, a nostalgic spirit and a burning desire to have fun ... too!

      The brand signs its first collection Fall-Winter 2017, mainly for the little girl. A mix of genres to discover and take ownership.


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